Many people in the world are stressed, overworked, fatigued, and ill.People seek instant gratification, convenience, and ease, always relying on the latest equipment and chemicals.

It’s important to know yourself by breathing, feeling the warmth of human hands, and knowing what is wrong with your body.

In Japan, there is an old Japanese saying, “Teate,” which means to treat a child's abdominal pain.This means that when a child has a stomachache, the mother puts her hand on the stomach to relieve the pain.

I first learned Ayurveda in India.It’s a very labor-intensive treatment and uses a lot of herbs. It’s  like cooking.Ayurveda is a very old medicine and is said to be the basis of modern medicine.Its theory is very interesting and gives me many hints for my daily life.

In Japan, Chinese herbal medicines called “Kampo” are well known.When I was a child, I had a severe case of urticaria, which got much better after taking Chinese herbal medicine.You can buy Chinese herbal medicines anywhere in Japan.“Kampo” medicine is also very familiar to Japanese people.

Thai traditional medicine is a combination of the wisdom and theory of traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda with the indigenous culture of Thailand.Thai Traditional Massage is a revolutionary massage that incorporates the Japanese term “Shiatsu" and yoga stretches from Ayurveda.

For Thai Traditional Massage, it needs to apply a rather high to stimulate massage points, therefore, it differs from oil massage and Swedish massage.
Thai Traditional massage is likely to others reflexology that sometimes causes a pain. However, it will be re-energizing and refreshing afterward.

I studied Thai Traditional Massage for 400 hours in Thailand at Wat pho, the most prestigious Thai Medical Massage school in the world. Although it is the most popular massage in the world, there are a myriad of techniques available now, and you can find the style that best suits your preferences.  Even if it’s your first time to receive Thai massage, I will safely treat you. I also offer reproductive therapy for male and female, which is very rare in Thailand and Japan, even in the real world. I have trained with a great therapist in Thailand.But I can only offer this therapy to women.I hope you can relax and unwind with this amazing Thai classical therapy.



Open 11:00〜20:00

Close Every Monday

Time schedule 3 sessions/per day (11:00a.m,2:00p.m.,5:00p.m.)

Credit card payment accepted (except JCB)

One-on-one support/ Private


Thai Traditional Massage

120min. ¥14000-

Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Treatment)

120min. ¥17000-

Yung Thong (Women Only)

100min. ¥21000-

4hrs. ¥40000-



JR Yamanote Line「Gotanda」station 4 minutes on foot

Postal Code 141-0031